California Accent Words

What words let you know someone has a California accent?


You want to hear a California accent ask someone from there to say Crayon and the other words on this list.Some Americans will have the same accent when they say some of these words but others will sound very different.



#4.Soda In other states it is called pop or coke.

#5.Liquor store In other states it is called a party store while a party store in California would mean party city or a store like that only.

#6.Mini golf Called putt putt in other states

#7.Bagel In northern states and Canada the accent for bagel is different.

#8.Library Same as above

#9.Dollar Same as above

#10.Caramel Americans say Car mull or cara mell

#11.Elementary Americans in northern states say this different

#12. BBQ or barbecue not called a cookout like in other states

I will update this list feel free to send me any I forgot.

The Queen of California

The Kardashians have a California accent.

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